Walker friendly 4 hour course limit.

Start and end at the beach.

Never stray more than 440 yards away from the majestic Colorado River.

Reach your maximum elevation in miles 1 and 9 (33 feet above the starting line) while crossing the world famous London Bridge.

April is Spring Break season in Havasu and you will be ready for our beach party when you finish with a PR on this flat and fast course.

In the first mile you will climb 31 feet to the peak of the London Bridge and leave the island behind for a little while. Heading north along London Bridge road you will stick close to the water as you enjoy Lake Havasu State Park. Veer right on Sunset Drive and then go counter clockwise around some of the newest homes in Havasu and you will find yourself heading back to the bridge.

During mile 9 you may way to stop for a photo as you go under the bridge and then back over it to start your tour of the island. After a lap around the island you will be ready for the downhill home stretch to the beach party that is awaiting you. Cross the finish line, dip your legs in the water to cool them off and then proceed to the beer garden to sample some of Arizona’s finest local brews.

5k runners and walkers are in for a tour of the island before heading back to the beach. Feel the breeze off the Colorado River as it pushes you to the finish line party.

All events start and finish at London Bridge Beach, steps away from the water

Spectators are welcome and have easy access to a variety of areas perfect for viewing and cheering on your runners.

Five Water/Hydration and First Aid stations will be provided on the Half Marathon course. The cool breeze off the Colorado River can keep you sweat free, but please stay hydrated throughout the race! Various non-profits, school teams and other groups host these aid stations. They are placed on-course at key locations and intervals approximately 2 miles apart. Bring your own nourishment if you wish and please discard wrappers and cups in trash receptacles at aid stations and throughout the course, or put them in your pocket and not alongside the road! We must all work together to preserve the natural beauty of Havasu.

After completing your 13.1 (or 3.1) mile journey through Havasu and receiving your finisher’s medal, you will be able to enter the Party! Everything will be steps away including post-race food and fluids designed to help your body begin the recovery process immediately. If you are over 21, enjoy our Beer Garden with some of Arizona’s finest suds. Every finisher is entitled to one Free Beer and additional beer tickets can be purchased on site.

The half marathon has a 4 hour course time limit (6:30 am – 10:30 am). In order to finish under 4 hours you will need to average an 18:00/mile pace or better on a very flat course. If you cannot keep the required pace, you will not be guaranteed course supervision by law enforcement or support from staff and volunteers and you may be asked to move to the sidewalk if roads begin to re-open.

The last four miles of the course are almost completely away from roads, on a bike trail around Havasu Island. If you are in danger of not completing the Half Marathon by 10:30am, you do not need to worry about that path being reopened to vehicle traffic. Aid stations, however, will close down at the time limit.

We will keep the finish line up as long as possible past 10:30am if there are still participants on the course but at some point, it will need to come down and the timing equipment will need to be packed up.

The post race party will carry on for several hours so we will still be there when you get back!

Do not sit still right after the race. Regardless of the weather, it is important to keep moving. Your circulatory system is your body’s antifreeze and coolant; therefore, your body needs to keep moving to keep your blood moving. If you stop too soon it is easy to become too hot and hyperthermic. It is equally important to keep moving in cold weather, because body movement produces heat and circulation prevents body parts from getting too cold. When you finish, change into warm, dry clothing. Change into dry clothes ASAP (leave some at the bag drop at the start line). Keep drinking plenty of fluids to help relieve your body of muscular by-products. Fluids and food are available just past the finish line. If you are feeling ill or weak, do NOT attend the Beer Garden. If attending the Post-Race PARTY, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated through the rest of the day and be careful not to overindulge.

On the Course

If you need help talk to one of the volunteers at our water stations. There will be medical professionals following the last participants and placed strategically throughout the course and our water stations will be able to contact them. They are equipped to assist with minor emergencies and will properly direct those with major emergencies, including calling for an on-course ambulance for assistance if necessary. If you need help, find an aid station for assistance. If you are unable to finish the race but do not require medical assistance, be sure to stop and wait for the SWEEPER vehicle for transport back to the finish area. If you require medical attention, please ask for transport to a hospital, or to the medical tent at the finish if it’s not an emergency.

At the Finish

A comprehensive medical aid station is available where you can receive temporary treatment for medical conditions. If you proceed into the Post Race PARTY and decide you need medical assistance, return to the medical tent at the finish line.

Make sure your relatives know your race number. Carry a cell phone. Be courteous to other runners. Have FUN!!