Colorado River Challenge

Colorado River Challenge Medal

Can’t get enough of the river? Participate in both the Run Laughlin event in December and the Havasu Half in April and you will be rewarded with the dazzling new Colorado River Challenge medal.

The following people qualify and will get their reward in March 2021. This list was last updated on October 1st, 2020. If you signed up before that, should be listed but are not, please contact us to let us know.

Rick Craig
Linwood Croxford
Cathy Davis
Joe Davis
Cliff Dueck
Joanne Farey
Sherry Fernandez

Allan Gilbert
Mariana Hernandez
Rachel Karczewski
Kathy Kozak
Robert Kozak
Tiffany Leboda
Peggy Mayo

Dalton Nowak
Jessica Olson
Jon Olson
Marisela Ramos-Varela
Sylvia Rios
Rebecca Ryan
Kathleen Talbert

Erika VanWyhe
Ralph Varela
Gloria Vargas
Michelle Wagner
Lindy Ward
Steve Ward
Gail Wicklund